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20 Skincare Myths, things you should know about 

#1 Only Teenagers Get Acne  

Acne can occur at all ages. It is true that puberty triggers acne in teenagers, but later in life there are chances of many types of acne that can occur, and unfortunately, the same skin conditions that exist in your teenage years can continue into adulthood. 

#2 Face Exercises That Will Reduce Wrinkles

Unlike the common thought that using the muscles in the face more will strengthen, or tighten the face’s appearance, this is not correct. The wrinkles that already exists in most part are permanent. 

#3 Pores Can Open and Close 

Pores loosen up that’s all. While certain conditions like steaming, can loosen pores, the fact is that they do not open and close. 

#4 Tanning Healthy For Skin 

Truth bomb! Tanning your skin simply means your skin has damage.  

#5 Chocolate The Cause of Acne 

Too much sugar in your diet is not good for your skin and can perpetuate conditions such as acne, so dark chocolate with low sugar content is a good option. 

#6 Lips Do Not Get Sunburn 

Always use a lip balm that offers SPF protection because just like the rest of your exposed skin, lips too can be damaged by UV rays. 

#7 Indoor Tanning is Safer Than Sun Tanning 

Outdoor tanning or indoor tanning either way it exposes your skin to UV rays and The UVA rays in most tanning beds are actually more intense than the sun. So, it’s a big no, no. 

#8 Waterproof Sunscreen Lasts Longer 

If you’re going outside for several hours, your waterproof sunscreen is not that different from the regular one. Reapplying sunscreen is the only solution regardless of its type. 

#9 Kill a Zit With Toothpaste 

Truth be told, this might work! Toothpaste contains some of the same ingredients as an over-the-counter acne product, but on the other hand, it also contains other ingredients that aren’t proper for your skin. Some of these ingredients can cause inflammation and dryness.  

#10 All SPF Protection is the Same 

Many products have SPF protection. However, not all products protect from UVA and UVB rays. Many make-up products offer only protection for UVA. If you’re going to be out in the sun, you have to make sure to be protected from both types of damaging rays. 

#11 Wrinkles Reverse by Antioxidants

Antioxidants are excellent for fighting the signs of ageing. While they help prevent skin damage and combat inflammation, they do not remove wrinkles or reverse the signs of ageing. 

#12 Makeup Age You Faster 

It depends on the products you are using. Some makeup is good for your skin. If you wear the recommended makeup, clean it off diligently, and follow a healthy skincare routine, makeup won’t damage your skin. 

#13 Oily Skin Don’t Need Moisturizer 

The moisturizer has many benefits for people with oily skin. If you don’t moisturize, your skin gets dried out, and as a result, the skin’s natural response is to create more oil. Oily skin people should look for non-comedogenic moisturizers, that will not clog pores 

#14 Wear Sunscreen on Sunny Days 

Believe it when we say, as much as 80% of the sun’s UV rays are able to go through clouds. It is important to wear sunscreen whenever you are outside be it sunny or cloudy. 

#15 You Can Sweat Out Toxins 

The body has other ways of detoxifying, that includes the kidneys and liver. Sweat consists of water, and its purpose is to regulate the body temperature. 

#16 Don’t Exfoliate Sensitive Skin 

Exfoliating clears pores and helps the skin absorb moisture, and that is great for sensitive skin. It is important to use a gentle technique so the skin doesn’t get irritated. 

#17 No Need to Wear Sunscreen Indoors 

UV rays are everywhere, even indoors. That’s especially true if the room has a lot of windows.  

#18 It’s OK for Moles to Grow 

Sometimes moles grow and that’s ok, but a mole that is getting larger, and spreading out as new moles could be a sign of skin cancer.  

#19 Leaving a Cut or Wound To Get Air will Make it Heal Faster 

It is bad for the healing process, and the skin when cuts and wounds are left uncovered to dry out. Use a bandage because it keeps moisture and helps cells and blood to heal faster. 

#20 You Need Less Sunscreen, If Your Skin Is Dark 

The sun’s UV rays interact with skin in essentially the same way irrespective of your skin tone. Dark skin may not sunburn easily, but it does not mean there is no risk for skin cancer. 

There are a lot of myths and facts going around in the world of the internet, but you must always refer to a dermatologist for the right direction. Visit your nearest Dermatologist at Premier Dermatology and get a top-rated consultation.