Laser Treatment for Better Skin and Hair

The first “stimulated” emissions of microwave radiation were created in the year 1954. A few short years later, doctors along with researchers found out these controlled emissions could have clinical applications. In the early 1960s, dermatologist Leon Goldman Leon Goldman; Surgeon Was Pioneer in Laser Medicine was the first person to use lasers to treat […]

Best Foods for Naturally Glowing and Younger Skin

You don’t have to spend a heavy amount of money when you can have radiant and healthy skin through food that is included in your diet. Though all cosmetics claim to offer the best skin, the truth is they offer a topical fix, and so you need to consume food for your skin for the […]

Why is your hair falling? What is the best hair fall solution?

Two major factors contribute to hair fall – ageing and genetics. The cause of hair loss is affected by what treatments will be most effective for the individual. There are options that include – supplements, medicated ointments, and lifestyle changes.  Hair loss is a concern for a lot of people these days. Depending on the […]