Types of Acne and How Can You Treat Them ?

You may hear the term “breakout” used to describe all forms of acne, but this isn’t always an accurate description, because not all types of acne spread across the skin.  Clogged pores cause acne and these may be attributed to:  Acne is associated with hormonal fluctuations experienced during the teenage years, but adults can experience […]

Laser Treatment for Better Skin and Hair

The first “stimulated” emissions of microwave radiation were created in the year 1954. A few short years later, doctors along with researchers found out these controlled emissions could have clinical applications. In the early 1960s, dermatologist Leon Goldman Leon Goldman; Surgeon Was Pioneer in Laser Medicine was the first person to use lasers to treat […]

Collagen and What it does for your body

What Is Collagen? Collagen is a protein your body makes naturally, and it makes up about a third of all of the protein in your body. It’s essential for healthy joints and it is popularly known for keeping skin elastic to lessen wrinkles.   It is the most abundant protein in your body which is the […]

What are the benefits of Natural Skincare practices?

There are a lot of reasons to use natural skincare, it is always a better option to avoid potentially harmful synthetic chemicals. Besides, it can be a good eco-friendly option.  Always remember beauty is personal, whether it’s tried-and-tested skin care, how often you wash your hair or the cosmetics you’re curious about.  What is natural […]